We’ve Still A Way to Go (Unfortunately)

Whilst we might be seeing more in the way of inclusivity of all body sizes on the runways of New York, European runways still have some way to go. 

Will Fashion’s Body Diversity Movement Ever Go Global?

As much progress as there is still to be made in the name of body diversity within American fashion (and there’s plenty), the runways of New York Fashion Week are no longer off-limits to plus-size models.

This is a real shame. In the U.K alone we have a growing group of retailers who now include plus size clothes as part of their standard range, promoting it where they can. So why are the major European fashion houses still ignoring this fact? The average British woman wears a U.K. size 16, but if you watch any runway show you’d think anything over a U.K size 4 was obese. It’s not like we can protest by walking out of their stores – but perhaps we could protest by walking into their stores. “Excuse me, but can I get this in a 16? No? Why?”

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