Plus size life-line for Victoria’s Secret?

I have to say I love VS underwear, but, I guess like many other women, I have a very limited, if not a non-existent range of items I can buy. There is still a misconception amongst fashion retailers that women (and men) of an “alternative” size, be that larger or smaller, are not interested in fashion, in style. This is simply not true, so it was interesting to come across this article on the decline in sales at VS. Perhaps if they considered expanding their range to include more sizes they might just start to see an uplift, not only in their bras but in sales.

Victoria’s Secret May Be Dying-But for Plus-Size Women It Never Really Lived

In light of news that Victoria’s Secret sales are down, one plus-size editor explores a big reason for the brand’s problems: Millions of women could never shop there in the first place.

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