Oasis Launches In Store Curve Collection.

I want to say, “Yay! Another UK high street store adds plus size to it’s in store collection!”, I do, and it is great news. Really, it is, but it’s also about time – about time high street stores considered plus size, not as an exception to the rule, but part of the rule. We come in all shapes and sizes so why are the curvier amongst finding some happiness in the fact that for the first time, in some stores, we can find clothes that fit. If we were size 12, 14 then we would NEVER ever question the fact that pretty much any clothing store would cater to us. The fact that more and more high street stores are finally recognizing the fact that they are larger people out there who would like to wear fashion-focused clothing should be the norm and be catered to. So, well done Oasis for finally coming on board – and for putting the clothes IN YOUR STORE and not just online with collaborations on plus size shopping sites.

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Oasis Are Launching A Beaut Curve Collection That Goes Up To A UK Size 26

Although it seems like plus-size brands are everywhere right now, a lot of affordable labels are still lacking in the sizing department. But one high street stalwart has listened to the calls from women across the UK, announcing an addition to its…

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