Oasis Launches In Store Curve Collection.

I want to say, “Yay! Another UK high street store adds plus size to it’s in store collection!”, I do, and it is great news. Really, it is, but it’s also about time – about time high street stores considered plus size, not as an […]

Plus size friendly Workwear brands.

Having trouble finding great workwear clothes if you’re plus size? I know I do – I have a staple collection of brands I use but never quite look the way I want to. Well, here’s a few more brands from the United States that I’m […]

We’ve Still A Way to Go (Unfortunately)

Whilst we might be seeing more in the way of inclusivity of all body sizes on the runways of New York, European runways still have some way to go.  This is a real shame. In the U.K alone we have a growing group of retailers […]

Walmart Charge “Fat Tax”

What’s the Issue? Retail giant Walmart Canada is joining the likes of Old Navy and is now charging a “fat tax” on plus size clothes, charging as much as $5 more for the same item. The argument they make is that more fabric is required […]

Gorgeous Jewellery Not Only for the Plus-Size Woman.

I have sausage fingers. I do. They’re not short but they’re kind of chunky, like sausages, and though I’d love to wear rings I have difficulty finding any that fit more than my pinky finger! That’s one of the problems if you’re considered plus-size. It […]

J.Crew Welcomes All Body Types

With more and more stores realising that not everybody in the world is a size 8, it’s great to see that one of my favourite stores, J.Crew, is finally coming on board the plus-size train. Now, instead of being able to only dream of wearing […]