Gorgeous Jewellery Not Only for the Plus-Size Woman.

I have sausage fingers. I do. They’re not short but they’re kind of chunky, like sausages, and though I’d love to wear rings I have difficulty finding any that fit more than my pinky finger! That’s one of the problems if you’re considered plus-size. It seems especially difficult to find finer jewellery, chunky rings on chunky fingers might be the thing to do – but personally, I like finer jewellery. Round of applause therefore to Automic Gold who, amongst other jewellery, make rings that begin at size 2 and go through to a size 16 (that’s a diameter of 81.5mm!). It’s great to see plus-size fashion now also includes jewellery!

We also love the fact that they use no airbrushing in any of their photos.

They are US based but thankfully ship internationally.

plus size fashion rings

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